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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekends are Sweet

Lots of thrilling things this weekend!

First, I trashed my prescription for the drugs. I don't need that shit. Melatonin is perfect if I find myself lying awake, and the cats are responsible for waking me up every morning at 4 a.m., not anything else anymore. Thinking is good, sleeping is better. Crisis averted because I'm smart and junk.

Saturday, I kidnapped Denise and we made Nate drive us to Savannah for some yarn shopping, petting, and drooling.

We made haste to Wild Fibre...which is an awesome shop, and if you live anywhere within driving distance of Savannah, you should make haste also...

...where we met shop owners Jennifer and Tom (who are so sweet and helpful, really some of the nicest shop owners I've met).

Yes, a man behind the counter who knows about knitting and yarn's enough to make your head spin in a "Wow, I'm so stunned and impressed and are we sure he's not available? Cause seriously, Denise would take him home..." sort of way.

Men who knit are sexy. Enough said. No offense to Jennifer. She is also sexy.

(see the beer can cozy?!?! you too can knit boys!)

100% bamboo is also dead sexy (like only yarn can be). At $4.60 per ounce, that stuff is to die for. As soft and shiny as silk. I could barely keep my hands off of it. I can definitely see knitting something small and delicate with it some time in the future. And I don't mean a hat, kids.

Sadly, I didn't buy anything for myself this time around. I got a few things for my next gift for the Secret Pal. She's gonna love the stuff I got her! And now I have incentive to go back to Wild Fibre...must shop for self! And I know exactly what I want...

Oh, and next small project will be Odessa with my one ball of Rowan Cashsoft and these pretty beads. I'm getting bold. Beads. And yarn. Be afraid.

In other news, I appear to be down to 17.6% body fat. I got my measurements done this morning, but I'm not so sure I believe that number. I mean, I've been doing most of what I should be doing for the last four weeks, but I've also been incredibly slack. I have been doing cardio though, so maybe that's the answer. My eating has been at about 90% on. So in four weeks I'm down 1.5%. Well, if my goal was half a pound per week, and that's about half a percent each week, then I guess that's right if you add in the slacking.

Funny, it doesn't look as great as I thought it would. But what it does mean is that I can totally be 15% by March. And 15% does look good. Not sure why I think that's such a great number, but 15% is it. I think it will be a good maintenance percentage.

I had such a great run this morning. Went over to the island to run on the beach, but the tide was up, so I ran along the sidewalk instead. Listening to my running mix on the MP3 player, feeling the cold ocean breeze and just loving the sunshine. There's nothing like it. At one point I found a little stretch of sand, and I walked out to it and stood there gazing out over the water, the clear sky and the boats and I just breathed. I stretched and breathed some more. There are few things in life more perfect than that moment. It's what I love about the's something that makes me feel so calm, peaceful, and happy.

One final word...can we please bring Janet and her boob back to the Superbowl? Paul McCartney (last year) and the Rolling Stones (this year) just do not do it. Where's the excitement? Where's the relevant music? Football is boring. We live for the half-time, and we deserve good half-time entertainment. Next year, I want the White Stripes. Of course.

(Oh, and yay Hines Ward!!! We went to college together and shared a few classes. Go Dawgs!)