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Monday, February 20, 2006

Karma Police!

Arrest this girl...

She's vile and vicious, and while you're at it, call PETA.

Woman. Could you emasculate me any further? I am a dog!! I do not wear hats. Or sweaters for that matter, don't you even think it. I will gnaw on your toes while you sleep and poo in your bed when you're at work. And I growl at you until you take off this hideous monstrosity. Oh, god, you're getting the camera? I hate you. Oh fuck, now the cats are watching too. I will never live this down.

So Odessa is finito. And she's CUTE! I was too lazy to get a pic of myself, so I put the hat on Taylor. He still hasn't forgiven me. But I firmly believe that you should humiliate your dog at every opportunity. This one in particular is neurotic, so it's easy. He's trying to dial PETA as I type.

I used Rowan Cashsoft, and some beads from Renee, alternating dark brown and a light amber color, cause I like to shake it up and get freaky. And well, I don't like to be like anyone else. So there.

Hmm. Not as difficult as I thought it would be, that Odessa. Not much of a challenge for myself for the Knitting Olympics. Next time I'll try something bigger like a sweater. But I did learn something new and I did have to restring those damned beads three times, so definitely something gained in the process. Yes, I can be taught. Woot.

I'm kinda bored today. So here are some songs I'm loving right this very second:

Karma Police ~ Radiohead (hence the post title, which is pretty appropriate)
But It's Better If You Do ~ Panic! At the Disco
Such Great Heights ~ Postal Service

I am loving some indie rock lately. Is it too obvious?