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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tragically Destined for Failure...Or Not?

I'm one of those people who pick up some hobby, look through books and find the coolest (read: most complicated) thing they could possibly create with said hobby, and then attempt to do it, all while still learning the basic techniques and throwing themselves into frustration when they can't figure it out. Stubborn and impatient, huh? Who, me?

Ha. That barely scratches the surface. Add fiercly independent, horribly indecisive, and easily frustrated, and you've got the start of my list of Damning Character Traits.

Thing is, I'm convinced I'm a prodigy of some sort. I'm brilliant at something, damn it. Oops, add semi arrogant to the above list. I just have to find what that thing is. By trial and error, of course.

The list of things I am NOT a prodigy at is long and boring. I've tried a LOT of things. For five minutes. Some lasted a little longer. Knitting and lifting seem to have lasted the longest. I actually get results from those things. Wouldn't call myself a prodigy of any sort with either, however.

This week I decided to tackle my nemesis: the sock. For the record, socks have previously kicked my ass. I know they're not hard, but my brain makes easy things seem difficult sometimes.

And reading two patterns at once tends to complicate your stitch count and screw things up so that your sock becomes big enough for a small child to crawl into. Watch out for that mistake. Only I would do that, of course.

Still, consider yourself warned.

Have I chosen a simple sock pattern? One would think I might actually LEARN from my mistakes and choose something easy with a little ribbing at the top, and plain stockinette all the way throughout. BUT NO!!! I had to flip through Knitting Vintage Socks, and choose something complicated.

I cast on Child's First Sock, as seen here completed by Grumperina. Not the easiest thing in the book, to say the least. But I've gotten through the first round of repeats (barring some dropped stitches angrily picked up) and things look good. It might actually fit. Someone. Somewhere.

I'm also using the Magic Loop technique. So yeah, throwing caution to the wind, yet again. Tempting fate. Daring the sock demons to eat all my yarn and throw back a wadded mess of expensive fluff. Bring it, I say. Bring it.

I have Addi's and cashmere. I can do anything.