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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beautiful Disaster

Ah, a week of motivated knitting. Well, some moments anyway.

I finished Picovoli, finally. Washed, dried and blocked. It's cute, but it's still too short for my taste, so I'll probably rarely wear it. Not sure I'm prepared to call it a success because of some finishing issues on my part, but hey, it's done. Maybe I'll add a few inches to the bottom, who knows.

Caution: I'm rebelling and refusing to shower, put on makeup, do anything to my hair, even take off my glasses from scouring bodybuilding mags all day. Deal with it.

I'm gross, and I'm ok.

A close-up. Warning, boobs ahead.

Almost finished with Odessa as well. Really easy pattern that only looks complicated. And with brownish yarn and beads, also sorta resembles a bee hive. In my crazy mind anyway.

Exhibit A:

I have about 5 rows left on the decreases and then I will wear my little brown beehive with obnoxious pride. In 75 degree weather. Because I'm bold and daring like that.

For my next trick, I'll be attempting the Prairie Tunic from IK.

I bought some gorgeous red Bamboo yarn for the tank at Wild Fibre,

but after lots of contemplation I decided to just order the specified Jaeger yarn and know that I'll love it. Any comments on color before I order the Chili (red)? Phlox or Seaspray maybe? I love the bamboo...but...I just can't do it. Not entirely sure why, beat me for it later Denise.

I will also be trying out the Child's Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I confiscated Renee's copy and size 1 Addi's (omg, a size ONE?!!?) and brought out the yummy, drool-worthy Richesse et Soie.

I know I know. The yarn will probably pill. You don't have to remind me. But provided I can get them both off the needles, I will wear them until they fall apart. I swear.

Finally, in other news, my competition date is July 29th in Augusta, Georgia. This is in stone, no getting sick, no backing out. My friends Nicole and Kelly will be competing in the pro division, while I am but a mere amateur. I said screw the May show because 1.) I don't really care about it, and 2.) It's not the federation I wanna mess with anyway. I could definitely get there figure-wise, plenty of time, but then I won't have time to build for the next show. I'd rather rock out in July. Cause I'm gonna win, see. So I'm devising my building plan, and oh my god how I love to lift heavy. I can hardly wait. 10 weeks of building, followed by 13 weeks of running my ass off.

Good times, yeah, good times.