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Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics

I'm lazy. I'm slack. I'm forgetful. But I'm playing along.

I wanted to join the Knitting Olympics hosted by the illustrious Yarn Harlot, but I apparently let the Picovoli get to my head and I forgot. So I'm cheering from the sidelines and knitting along anyway. Seems some 4000 other people did NOT forget and get to officially be a part of the KO, but I can not count myself among their numbers, because my frontal lobe can only hold so much information and this piece slipped out along with my recipe for tofu Chocolate Chip Cookies (hey, don't knock it, they will kick your ass). Thankfully I wrote that recipe down...somewhere.

For my own personal challenge, I've selected Odessa, a super cute hat with beads. I do not need a hat, but I would wear this one anyway, because yes it's that cool. And I want to manage knitting with beads.

On a racier note, did you know that listening to Blackened (Metallica, ...And Justice for All album) can cause you to get a speeding ticket?! Who knew?

I love my Sirius radio because I get to listen to such a variety of music. I never thought it would cause me to break the law. Oops. Ok, ok, I got away with a warning. But that's because of my risque pink lipstick. And because I'm charming. But mostly because of the lipstick.