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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year, New Goals!

After several months of laziness, boredom and the occassional depression, I've found a renewed vigor. Must be the whole 'end of something dull, beginning of something new and exciting!!' thing.

I've been working toward this re-energizing for a few weeks now, so I'm ready (really, really ready) for some changes. And I love to be organized, so of course I made a list for these changes! Several lists actually, and almost every point on each list gets it's own plan and list, so really, there are tons of lists. Maybe I should get a planner or something because I have some pretty major things coming up...

An abbreviated list: (the first two are physical, so maybe they're just one big one)

1. NPC Eastern Seaboard Bodybuilding & Figure Championships, May 13, 2006, Atlanta, GA. (19 weeks folks. I have a lot of work to do if I want more muscle and to come in at 10% body fat. I just want the experience at this show. There will be a LOT of competition and a LOT more muscle than I could have, so I have no serious expectations of placing.)

2. INBF Grand Prix Figure Championships, July 29th in Augusta, GA. (This one I could place in. Different federation, all natural, so less muscle is expected. They also want a different physical look - softer, so more body fat. Could do 12% at this show and place easily. Oh, and this is a MUCH smaller show, so if I work hard I could win it. And that would mean a pro card. And Nicole on my ass about competing professionally. The PRESSURE!)

3. I would like to have a plan for my knitting, rather than just buying yarn with no projects in mind. I have about 5 major projects on the table, so I may be set there, but I need to review it all again.

4. Set a meditation ritual. I am really the best person I can be when I'm physically active and also mindfully rested. Must be the endorphins.

5. Probably the most disruptive but most awaited change is moving (think February/March). Along with that comes new jobs and a house. Focusing on getting clear about work I can be passionate about is of the utmost importance. I have a lot of passion and I love feeling it, and it MUST be included in my next adventure, or I will lose interest quickly. In other words, I need some career direction since I'm moving! I have many interests, but not many I would want to pursue for a living.

Anyway, those are the top 5. There are several other things I'll be focusing on, but they're more private.