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Friday, January 13, 2006

Dark Skies, Black Yarn

It's about to start raining. And I am driving/riding for 5 hours tonight, all during a thunderstorm. Yay.

Maybe, if there's enough lightening, I can knit too...

Today I opened my mail box to this lovely package!

Oooh Elann, sometimes I really love you. I had almost forgotten that I had yarn coming. Ok, not really. I'd been checking the mail relentlessly for days. Sometimes several times a day. Like the mail actually comes SEVERAL times a day. The justification in my head was, "Oh, maybe I overlooked it". Overlooked it? Right. Cause it only takes up the ENTIRE mailbox.

A closeup, with the requisite dog hair. Cause that's how we roll.

In an apartment with FIVE animals, everything I own has some sort of animal hair on it. And I'm allergic to all of it. I swear, once my beloved animals have moved on, there will be no more.

Until I go to a humane society with a friend and MUST come home with the cutest little thing. Or they walk up to me all on their own. I call that animal karma. They cross my path, look all cute, I take them home. Their sixth sense tells them I'm a good kitty/puppy mom. Or that I'm just a big mush who can't resist their fur even when it makes me sneeze. Yes, yes I'm a sucker.

Anyway, the soft shiny goodness of Lara will have to go into my stash (I really need to organize that stuff!) for a while. I'm still waiting on my Addi Turbos to arrive so that I can start Picovoli. I've been saying I would start this thing for a good 3 weeks now. But I'm always waiting instead. Meanwhile things like 1930 (see the black Lara directly above...YUM) are sitting on my desk, staring at me, begging to be knit. And now I have the yarn for it too. Maybe I'll just take a ball with me and see how it swatches. Ok, I think I just got a little too excited about yarn.

I need a twelve step program, people.

I do have a plan, see. Picovoli comes first, 1930 next and the project after that is one of about 10 things. To knit out of order would just be reckless. Oooh. Reckless Knitting. The rebel in me just shuddered a little.