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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Conspiracy Theories

Theory #1:

When trying to finish a project, kitties will do anything to distract you. They like to think they're "helping". The hubby even thinks they're helping. I say, they're trying to steal my yummy yarn.

That's Tristan on the left, being in "love" mode. Ever so nonchalantly inching closer to the ball of yarn. Murphy is on the right, pretending to help by holding the page open for me. Really though, he's drooling at the yarn. And Sydney on top of the couch? Yeah, she only LOOKS like she's not paying attention. She's just biding her time, folks.

Thankfully I managed to finish the left cabled arm thingie during my lunch hour today. That was very rewarding. And my second thumb looks far, far better than the first, so erm...I might rip out the original arm warmer. Or at the very least, remake the first thumb. But, I'm really loving this cable pattern. It just fits, so maybe I'll make another one!

I really shouldn't be allowed to take pictures of my own body parts.

Theory #2:

Knitpicks does not want me to start on Picovoli. I ordered my yummy Shine yarn last week (yeah, yeah I know there were two major holidays, I'm just sayin...) and I still don't have it! I need to swatch and I'm ready to get started already! I also have my first pair of Addi Turbos in the mail. Can you not feel the anxiety emanating here?!? I NEED my new toys!!

Ahem...I am not addicted. Really.

Theory #3:

There's not a third theory, I just like the number 3.

"Come closer...I have cashmere..."