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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Can you say LOVE?

I went shopping (online of course) during lunch today and came across Interweave Knits 2006 preview site.

I must make these two tanks now. MUST! NOW!

My shoulders would be so kick ass holding up the straps of the brown one.

And I would totally wear the pink to bed. Or out. Whatever. I just want it on me. Now people, now.

I think I seriously have to work on my patience some day. Like, some other day. My patience level is the size of an atomic particle. Way too small. When I get something in my head that I must have, dear gods don't make me wait. I'll tear myself up inside for that gratification. It eats at me. I can't get it out of my head. My credit card knows this well. It (read: they) hide from me when I start to twitch for yarn. And Ann Taylor Loft. Oh damn. My email has a Loft advertisement in it...

Er, where was I? Oh yes. My credit cards. Well, my credit rating is actually phenomenal. I really don't buy more than I can afford. Unless I must have it NOW. And besides, I just consolidated everything but my car payment the other day. Wow, look at all the extra money I have now!

Oh. But I have to save for a house and a new(er) car. The hybrid kicks ass. Love it, will drive it until it dies. And it has the added bonus of having my name (MINE!!) on the title. The Jeep (my jeep wishes it was this hot, by the way)? Near death. And ugly as hell. And I have to drive it twice a week AND park in front of my office. I'm not vain or anything, but getting out of that dirty faded green machine with a belt that screams and brakes that screech? You just can NOT be hot in that thing, no matter what you have on. Not that I have anyone to impress, I'm just sayin.

On Friday, I'll show you how awesome I REALLY am...there's a check to prove it!