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Monday, January 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Broad Street, Athens, GA.

God I've missed Athens. It can be such a shiny happy place to be. There's the Taco Stand where I had lunch with Karen (on the right, yellow sign, yummy pseudo-Mexican, best burritos in town).

Isn't Karen lovely showing off her booga bag? She's very colorful, and it's very fitting!

Karen surprised me on this visit with this:

Her VERY FIRST knitting project! She's working on a sampler scarf where she's trying out all kinds of new techniques! I'm so proud!! Ok, this seriously makes the 10th person I've inspired to knit. It's so exciting to have another thing to share with so many of my friends!

I spent most of lunch staring out the huge windows that overlook North Campus. So many memories. Some good, some bad, some irrelevant. In my heart, it's home, no matter what the memories might be.

It's the first place I ever really lived by myself. I grew up here...not in years, but in spirit.

It's the the place where I got my first tattoo. Oh, and the second one too. I waved to Devon (my super hawt tattoo chick), but she was working on someone and I didn't want to take an unwilling stranger's photo. Especially not one with their ass in the air.

It's the place where I learned to love a good froo-froo coffee drink. Hot Corner Coffee is the shit, ya'll.

And it has lots of cute young people working on important things and listening to their iPods while drinking hot frothy goodness.

It is also the place where I got so completely drunk that I couldn't get up until 6 p.m. the next DAY (sparing you the photos, cause, eww). I was lucky to live through that night. The next day my gay friend Jude, who witnessed my degradation, called me up and made me eat (good Jude, good) and then took me shopping (better Jude, better!). We went to Junkman's Daughter's Brother and tried on wacky clothes and made each other laugh til we hurt. He kept handing me these kinky leather outfits and 5 inch spiked heels, but, well I'm pretty sure he was gay. I think. But I digress....

On the way out of town, we stopped at Main Street Yarns in Watkinsville, GA. Oh. My. God. That place is huge! And they carry everything you can think of. Yes, even that. And that too. And there were people sitting around knitting everywhere you went. It was a beautiful thing. I almost cried. I signed up for Annie Modesitt's classes in March. I am meeting her, damn it. And learning hopefully. I'll probably just stand there for three hours stunned and excited and flabergasted that she's standing in front of me talking. Hmm...yeah I definitely see me making an ass of myself here.