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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Focus & Intensity & SP7

Today I continued to work on my gaming gloves and I'm almost finished with the left one. I had used the leaf and vine pattern from SnB Nation for the first one, but I had really wanted a cable pattern instead, so the left one has a cable and the right has leaves and vines.

I'm ok with them being different. I swear. It does not make me break out in hives and want to rip one of them out. They're mine and they are unique. Uniquely mine. And most importantly, made by me. Photos coming soon.

I also joined SP7 (link on the right) and it starts tomorrow. I'm so excited to find out who I get to spoil! As for myself, there aren't many yarns I don't like! I think I might be allergic to mohair though, and it gets in my eyes and nose and just causes a lot of discomfort for me. I actually gave away my Mountain Colors Bearfoot (gasp! the horror!!) because I can't deal with the mohair. In fact, my wool sweaters have been doing this to me lately too...hmm. Maybe wool is not a good idea either. But, I LOVE Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in all sizes. I just picked up a skein or three of the Baby Cashmerino today for a pair of socks, and it is divine. I can't wait to knit those up! I really love cotton as well, and Knitpick's Shine is a good example. Microfiber and silk blends work great too. I don't have any color preferences except that I'm too olive colored for yellows. As for needles, I love bamboo and Addi's or Inox circulars, or for the truly indulgent days, rosewood. I don't eat candy or sweets, but chai tea would totally make my day.

Oh, and I joined Sexy Knitters (link also on the right) a few weeks back and I'm just waiting for my yarn and Addi Turbos to come in so I can swatch and get knittin'!!

My major focus today was on my work out. I started my contest prep and I guess I really had forgotten what all is involved. It all came back to me, and I'm glad for the refresher. I feel great. It's a combination of eating enough of the right foods, and working hard in the gym, with total focus and intensity. Normally I'll cop out at the end of my workout and fudge the last 5 or 10 minutes or the last few sets, whatever. Not today. I pushed myself to finish every bit of the workout. Even though I worked myself up to the running with a long walk, I still got a great workout.

I'm very excited about the drive behind this preparation. I'm looking at it in a completely different way.

Ordinarily I would be dreading the workout, even though I love it, I would dread it because I HAVE to do it. But I'm doing it because the result makes me feel better, physically and mentally. So I've changed my point of view becase I realized (thanks Pete!) that if I'm doing something that will provide me happiness, I can't begrudge the methods that get me there. No bitching about food, or workouts or cardio. I'm loving every second of it, and I will look amazing at the end of this journey. And I'll be glad for every moment devoted to the result!