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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

these folks take their hump day very seriously

I don't start my new job until July 1. Until then, I'm doing the books for a montessori school in town. The school is great and it's in a very nice location. This office however, is situated a tad more on the dodgy end of town. Shady, scary, wouldn't-want-to-be-caught-here-after-dark-because-what-you-see-in
-the-daylight-is-proof-enough side of town. Literally on the wrong side of the tracks.

And the folks who drive through here are looking for love in all the wrong places. Ya'll know what I mean. Usually I just see one or two girls get picked up or dropped off during the day. In the last 3 hours I've seen no less than four.

It has to be Hump Day. It *must* be, since when I walked to the mail box, I heard a male voice say 'hey baby...'. All I could mutter was 'fuck you' as I turned and walked quickly back inside. All I can think is that he must be desperate if he's resorting to cat calling the random girl in her yoga outfit. Maybe he's just trying to make good use of his lunch hour. I shudder the thought.