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Friday, June 15, 2007

Looking Up

Things, I mean. Things are looking up. Not me. But now I did. Did you? Ok, I'm officially still nuts. Glad we got that covered right out of the gate.

I was definitely PMS-y this week and just feeling off. I've had heartburn almost every day and on Tuesday I woke up at 2:30 am convinced I was gonna puke. Bleh. Nate thinks I swallowed a bug or something in my sleep. Nice. I'm pretty sure it was the cookies I made before bed (and maybe ate a handful at like 11).

But yeah, I've been eating like a mad woman and my brain keeps throwing chocolate in my way every few minutes ala: "we need chocolate. did you buy chocolate yet? dark? milk? whatever, put it in the mouth now. NOW! wait, we need the chocolate covered cherries from starbucks. and the dark chocolate graham crackers. do it now, beotch. but we have dove dark chocolate at home. and cookies. NEVERMIND! to starbucks with you ASAP!" Ahem. It seems I have a very forceful chocolate gene. Good thing I didn't get the Danish Wedding Cookies gene from my dad. Those bitches are hard to find.

On the knitting front, I ripped and have re-cast Rusted Root, and I'm now loving it totally. I'll try it on again once the sleeves are on scrap yarn, just to be sure, but I think we have a winner. Turtleneck Tube Thing is going to take a nap until I feel like picking it back up again.

Over at Ravelry (where I've been spending WAY too much time), I'm helping edit patterns here and there and I've actually added things to my queue. Never again can I say that I can't think of anything to knit. Seriously. It's so awesome to have a place to go and see all the things I've been wanting to work on. I have small things like Calorimetry and sock patterns, and big things like Jemima and Mariah.

Have a great weekend everyone! Nate and I will be hanging out together (and doing icky chores that we put off forever) since he'll be in Cincinnati all next week at a conference. Boo. But I'm going to do some things I've been meaning to do around the house. Like hang pictures and unpack boxes. You know, make it look like we live here sometimes. Hehe.