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Monday, June 11, 2007

le sigh*

*or "in which i have chunky monkey with my whine"

i'm hoping it's just because i'm tired and pms-y, cause i've totally hit a wall today.

i like the things i'm knitting right now (rusted root and turtleneck tube thingy), but i've stalled on them both. the turtleneck is in cascade 220 and really, it's just too freaking hot to have wool in my lap right now. i think it might have to wait until late sept/early october.

rusted root is adorable, but it's a wee bit too big. it's still in the right size range (36-39) but dudes. i'm so not a 39 bust. anybody know if brown sheep cotton fleece shrinks at all? or should i rip and (god forbid) reknit?

and, i'm addicted to ravelry, but it's frustrating me at the moment. it's not ravelry, it's me. that's my mantra and i'm sticking to it. there are *tons* of projects there and still, i can find nothing that screams with force "KNIT ME!!!!!!!" why? there are some that whimper a tad, but nothing that says "girl if you don't go buy yarn this instant, i will beat you with your own needles". same thing with the new knitty. aside from maybe a sock pattern, nothing is provoking more than a hohum from me.

(oh, it's also a very sad day. remember my friend who was so incredibly lucky to get pregnant? as of friday she isn't any more, but she just told me today. her body totally rejected it at exactly 8 weeks. we had a good cry together, so maybe i'm still bummed eh?)