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Monday, June 11, 2007

snoozy monday

Whew. I'm dragging ass today.

I got together with a bunch of nutty people and did the 48 Hour Film Festival again this weekend. We had a blast; I got to co-star and contribute to the writing (the idea at least) and get sweaty in a hot costume. Whee! Fun! We shot for 12 hours on Saturday and a few minutes on Sunday morning, then edited, created music and watched Chris race back to Atlanta to turn in our film. Good times.

But I still need sleep. And I'm sure everyone else does too.

As the hours marched on, our humor got lower and lower and everything became a dirty joke. Makes it all worth it.

Anyway, I swore I would show some new colorways on Friday and I sorta got caught up in the above. Oops, sorry. (I haven't even had a chance to read and comment on blogs! I'm so behind!)

You can now see these two new colorways on the etsy page:

Snow Cherries:

She's a Rebel:

And I've added Strawberry Switchblade and Naked Eye to the mix too!

Strawberry Switchblade:

Naked Eye:

Happy Monday everyone!!