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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Beach of a Weekend (and a slight rant)

What a busy week so far! And it's only Wednesday.

I sent out a ton of yarn orders on Saturday and Monday so you guys should get them very soon, if you haven't already!

This weekend, starting Thursday after work, I'll be at my dad's beach house in Florida. I would like to have a relaxing weekend at the beach, but dad called me and my brothers down to the house to discuss....(cue doom music)...The Will.

And dad's bringing along his ex-wife.

A few things about the ex-wife: 1. She's a year older than me. 2. That makes her 3 years *younger* than my oldest brother. 3. She cheated on my dad with a younger man (such a shock, really, we were all stunned). 4. She asked for a divorce, got it, then asked to move back in and start over. Actually working and paying all her bills must have been such a bummer.

None of us have seen her since the divorce, so I think she might be in for a not-so-welcome reunion. I can put on a nice face when necessary, and I'll play nice for as long as I have to, but I'm no longer obligated. I'll definitely report back if there's a vicious cat fight, but I'll probably just be an adult and throw her out by her hair if she talks any shit (she's sort of a redneck, see, so I'm expecting her to bring her attitude with her). Err...I mean, I'll be the rational one and keep everyone calm. Yeah, that's it.

Dad has plenty of money and he pretty much spends it all, which is totally fine. But none of us really want anything, nor do we really expect there to be anything left when he dies. We want him to be happy and not have some golddigger in his face, but in the end if she makes him happy then ok, whatever. As it stands now though, she's still the ex and she shouldn't be at this little family gathering. And if she gets ugly, she's going to get it back like all kinds of hell. (ok, rant's over...I just had to get all that out.)

I'll be sure to take some knitting, sunscreen and good book and just plant myself in the sand if necessary.

Expect lots of progress shots and a tan. I'm just sayin.