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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Knitting? What's this you say?

***Thanks so much for those of you who have entered the contest! It's awesome to see lurkers come out of the woodwork. Hi!! If you haven't entered yet and you'd like to, see the next post down!***

And so there was knitting, and I rejoiced and was glad in it. But alas, there was also much wailing and gnashing of teeth...

It's just a teeny speck of a thing so far, which I intend to remedy this evening, but I've cast on for my Invisibility Shawl! Cami and I started a KAL for those of you who might be interested in an easy beginner (yet lovely) shawl pattern. I think our finish date is the book's release date (July 21) so we can wear our shawls to the bookstore events. Come play!! (ETA: There's now a button on the side bar!)

I had to chose between the two yarns below, the blue being Zephyr silk/wool and the gray being Jaeger Spun's Lacey Lamb. I attempted the gray at first, but it decided that it hated me and I was unworthy of its cashmerey-type touch and insisted on throwing a fit and knotting itself every few yards in protest. So I cut it. And then I tossed it back into its bag and told it to think about what it had done. I also reminded it that NO ONE would want it now that I had cut off some offending yardage, and that it ought to consider this should I choose to try to use it again. So there.

I've cast on again with the lovely and enchanting Aegean silk/wool and we're having a marvelous time.

In the midst of all this knitting activity, I started looking around at my notions and realizing that, well...this isn't going to cut it anymore.

It's almost embarrassing that *this* is what I use for my notions. A damn shame really.

So I got in touch with an etsy seller who's items I absolutely adore, and she's going to make me something very, very, very cute. Lotuses (loti?), just for me! I'm a geek for a lotus flower, what can I do?

This also prompted me to consider my method of storing my circulars. That method was, to say the least, scattered and unorganized, and mostly nonexistent.

So I got a brilliant idea and raced over to ye olde office supply shoppe and picked up a little binder type thing. Expandable file? That must be what they call it.

Now, they are all in the same place! And organized. And I see that I have three sets of US 3s. So now I'll know not to buy them again. Hehe. Whoops.

And to end this post on a pretty note, some yarn p0rn for you.

(Snow Cherries, Strawberry Switchblade, and Punk Rock Girl)

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!!