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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Prairie Tunic, the saga continues

Maybe not so much a 'saga' or an 'epic' as an 'adventure'.

Hmm...'adventure' is even perhaps too exciting a word. It implies that there was mortal peril, jeopardy (I'll take The Films of Pauly Shore for $1000, Alex) and perhaps a touch of fortune, and divine intervention lending a hand in my survival. 'Tale'? Yes, 'tale' fits nicely. As does 'yarn'. But that would mean I just crossed another line toward my eternal damnation as a nerd.

Good thing I like nerds. And hellfire makes me hot.

Forgive the crap quality of my pictures. I was rushed and didn't bother to color correct or even attempt to make them pretty. Just like me. Every. Morning. The two most common words out of my mouth at 8 am? "Fuck it". Now you know.

The back piece is finished, washed, blocked and very soft and pretty. I'll weave in the ends once I put the whole thing together and wash it. Part of my problem with the Picovoli was that I washed and dried AFTER I had weaved in the ends, and they were a bit too short and therefore unraveled when the cotton bloomed. Grr. Argh. Won't make that mistake again, I tell you.

Full shot of the back piece blocking. Yes on a beach towel. I have no taste, and I'm ok.

Detail of the top triangle. Ooooh geometry. Obtuse or Isosceles? Equilateral or Scalene? Bueller?

Lace detail. Probably blurry or at least not very crisp. But look! Holes! Where they're supposed to be!

Edging detail. Slip stitch yumminess. Looks like I'm a pro (at what is officially up for debate).

And a hint of work on the front piece. Twice the lace, twice the fun!

I might be a smartass about my abilities (wipe that mock-surprised look off your face), but I'm really proud of the way this is turning out. The pattern is easy, the edging looks professional (when done right. ahem.) and the fit will be just the way I like it. Maybe if I'm feeling wild and crazy, I'll break out my TopStick double-sided, sticks-anything-to-you-and-hurts-like-a-bitch-to-remove tape and adhesify (a word? who can say) the thing on my back for some choice entertainment.

Also, I want a cookie. Any kind will do. And a new hair color. I'm thinking Dark & Sinister.