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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Places & Prizes

Oooh. Prizes. I love prizes!

I got this lovely package in the mail this week....

My Secret Pal is so very sweet! AND..she's a gamer too (Happy Place #1)!! Our hostess did a great job matching us, and then matching me with Jenny, ANOTHER gaming chick. The three of us could totally be the Charlie's Angels of gaming. Bet our virtual asses are that hot too. I know mine is. Rawr.

There are two skeins of sock yarn (*drool*), dyable wool from Knit Picks (koolaid incoming), Sensational Socks book that I've had my eye on for some time now, some Bert's Bee's Lemon Cuticle stuff (for my hands after knitting. eww.), and some ADORABLE knit kitty toys stuffed absolutely full with cat nip!

The kids (er...kitties) loved the toys so much, they almost had the box open before I did. Then all hell broke loose followed closely by kitty nirvana, as witnessed here:

Molly: "Ha ha! I have killed it!"

Murphy: "Give me the nip now!"

Tristan: "I will shred you if you take this from me, beotch."

Sydney: "Just need one more sniff, just one...really, I'm not an addict. It's cool."

Thanks Tina for making SP7 so much fun! And thanks so much for the card! You made my day!

And for an update on me...after emotionally beating my head against a wall (not recommended for the faint of heart) and functioning on very little sleep, I've discovered through long conversations with Pete the Philosophizer and Loren, the Obi-Wan to my Princess Leia, that I am in fact normal (in most ways) and I am not going to die (slightly over-dramatic, sure, and to be confirmed by doctors on Tuesday).

As a part of my recovery, I am throwing out the My Chemical Romance CD because it has served its purpose and I'm tired of them. Told you guys it wouldn't take long. I've moved on to the new Lacuna Coil CD, Karmacode (Happy Place #2).

Ya'll. Go get it. The cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" is so good it's painful.

Pete the Philosophizer is very good at snapping me back to reality when I'm feeling particularly hideous, loser-esque, and like the world might END if all the Diet Dr. Pepper in the world are not delivered unto me post haste and by a very hot man of any nationality, but preferably Antonio Banderas. With. A. Spoon. Ya'll.

My weekly reality check from Pete went like this:

"wake up sweetie. you are fuckin awesome. i mean jesus christ on a have a great hubby (granted it isnt me but still a good guy who loves you), i love the ever-loving shit out of are intelligent, are the queen of the positive dragged me back from my senseless funk a year i know its in you. you are the optimist here...your personality is one that goes out and gets shit done, right wrong or indifferent... you are headstrong and possibly one of the most stubborn people i know. so cut out the bullshit and be who you are...the girl i and everyone else adores. also, i will beat you if you don't start being you soon."

Thank you, Petie (omg he'll smack me just for typing that! muahahaha). I made the big ugly cry face after this, you know. Big. Ugly. But, everyone should have such amazing friends, and I'm incredibly grateful for mine.

And should I feel icky again anytime soon, I'm totally going here to Happy Place #3 and leaving everyone and everything but my knitting and some CDs behind. I might do it anyway just cause my soul aches for this kind of place.

And now, there's an awful lot of this...

Sort of a smirk, but also a smile. I'm mysterious like that.