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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Prairie Tunic Rocks!

What a fun little knit this Prairie Tunic is turning out to be! Let's hope I'm doing it right, mkay? The pattern starts with the back piece of the tank, and it happens to be my favorite part.

Love the shaping and the shoulder baring-ness of it.

Here's my progress so far, from Saturday. I'm about twice as far in today.

Look at the cute lace stitches!

Definitely going to have to find some contraption to wear underneath. Pasties? Stick-on bra? The ponderation begins. Hmm...wonder how my tattoos will look under this all this pink laciness? The picture from the magazine is not well lit and the model is a good bit browner than I, so it doesn't *appear* to be very see-through, but ya'll, it is. And I want to finish it while the weather is still relatively appropriate. Spring is definitely here (as noted by my insane asthma attacks and inability to stay well for 3 straight days). In about a month it will be too hot for clothes of any kind. But running around naked is frowned upon in the Bible belt (along with having an opinion differing from that of the good ole boys, yeehaw!, but I digress), so I'll be wearing this top instead.

I won't, however, be wearing the Picovoli.

She was finished, washed, blocked, worn, photographed and loved. She then began to unravel and come apart in unsightly places. She declared herself my enemy and refused to take to any sort of re-stitching remedies. So I exclaimed with a heavy sigh and quietly, swiftly took the crochet hook and scissors to her. Poor girl never saw it coming.

But Murphy did, and he did his best to save her. To no avail.

She is now several balls of pretty hot pink yarn. To be recycled into something newer! better! neater! wow! Or just admired in the basket and bins of stash. This yarn's destiny has yet to be determined, stay tuned.

In other news, the purply Manos yarn I bought at Purl is becoming a scarf. And it is very happy to do so, I might add.

Easy, mindless 1x1 rib with a garter stitch border. Perfect for knitting on the plane, over dinner, at the movies, in the know, wherever the mood strikes. Purple scarf is soon to be about 4 feet long and have fringe. Cause everyone needs fringe. Shameless modeling is soon to follow. But I will not subject the dog to the model torture again, as he has yet to recover emotionally and still has hives.