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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Home Sweet Home, part 2

Ah, Athens. How I love thee.

For the randomness of running into your old friends at a sushi bar while intending to meet new friends. Forgive the blurry pics, still getting used to the ultra-sensitive and tiny camera. Blame the waitress.

Alliene, Andrea, Drew, Karen, moi, Bryan, and Jack. All blurry, as it should be.

Karen and I just chatted with those friends.

We actually had sushi with these friends:

One very newly 25 Ben and his flambe fried birthday thing, and the lovely Brooke. The same Brooke who says things like "Oh my, there's rice in my arm hair. What an unfortunate sentence to have to utter." Indeed, how unfortunate.

One must also love Athens for the way it compels one to buy hot clothes and go downtown to drink. I did not own anything truly sparkly until this top. Karen made me do it. There are also knee high black boots and a dead sexy black skirt to match. Saving those for a night upon NYC. Look out ya'll.

Truly swoonable is The Grit for the morning after the Cosmo and two White Russians (seriously, what was I thinking?). Complete with coffee, cheese grits, and biscuits with white 'sausage' gravy. The best breakfast in town. Mmmmm, carbs. Yum.

Carbs were necessary so I could hit my knitting class, and produce this stunning piece of work. I'm a lace knitting genious, seriously. Forget the pattern in the background, you don't see that. Ok, ok, actually this is my knitting, but it's Annie's brilliance in the pattern not mine. The linked post will also make me famous and junk.

Moi and the Goddess herself. See the hat? That's proof of her divinity. Annie is just great, and her class was so much fun (after the first hour of my own blurriness and a few diet cokes). Pretend I'm wearing makeup and have had a shower.

Blurry. The buzz word of the weekend.

And then there's me and Ashley, doing our stunning (fuzzy) rendition of Gone With the Wind. Kinda makes a Northerner's trip to the south complete eh? The Scarlet hat was just icing.

And finally I love Athens for this little cute house currently on my home radar.

It's bigger than it looks, needs lots of work, is affordable and is in a good neighborhood. Who's up for a painting party? We can even knock down some walls if we're feeling frisky!