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Sunday, March 19, 2006

NYC, Part Deux

Continued from some other day...Saturday in NYC. Shopping, flirty text messages and crazy phone calls. It wore us out. We spent the rest of the evening knitting, watching TV and relaxing (read: falling asleep at 11 pm). Also, Saturday was 3/11. 311 DAY ya'll. And I should have been in Memphis at the concert. I will go next year, mark my words. I will not be deterred or distracted.

Sunday was wet and a little chilly. Well, the natives were bundled, so at least they thought it was chilly. Stacy and I had breakfast at Hot and Crusty. That should describe our bagles, not us. We are the hotness. I will neither confirm nor deny the presence of crust-like substances.

Had to have a pic of the sign, because I take pics of things that amuse me.

Like my feet. Well my shoes.

Yay! Comfy shoes! shoes! New shoes with Velcro. Don't hate on the Velcro.

We decided that since it was our last day, we should soak up some culture, or at least do something that made us look like we'd had a profoundly interesting experience. Like seeing some art or visiting a library. Turns out, most museums are closed on Sunday. Except for the Museum of Sex, which boasts the slogan, "Because you don't think about Picasso seven times a day".

Damn straight.

Not at all what we thought it would be. But it was educational, enlightening and very cultural. Mission Accomplished.

You can guess what I bought, but you'd be wrong.

The most amusing thing in the MoSex?

You know it. A Jenna Jameson bobble head doll. How appropriate.

Sunday night was the best by far. Stacy and I made our way back to the Lower East Village for Indian food with Tash and Joey. Hot, spicy, and yum. I'm so glad I got a chance to meet these two, for they are awesome beyond compare, and if they don't hate me for being such a total goofball, we might be friends for, like, evah.

Then on to Karma for lots of smoking, drinking, shooting the shit and laughing. A LOT of laughing, ya'll. I think Joey called us a gaggle of fucking bad geese. Right. On.

Tash and I. Isn't she lovely? And insanely sweet too. Love the red. Rawr.

Me and Joey. More sweetness. But he needs a new knit hat, and I think I just volunteered.

See the knee highs sticking out of my boots? They are the new object of my desire. I bought at least six pair at various places in NYC and now I'm wearing them for absolutely no reason other than I like having them on. My gray and white striped pair with the pink skulls around the top make me giggle like a little kid hopped up on Pixie Stix and Mountain Dew. Mmmmm.

This concludes our commentary on the whacked out trip to NYC. There will be more pictures to come, but I'm on hold waiting for them to be emailed to me, so they'll probably just appear with a quick caption and no story. Cause I'm mysterious like that.

Oh and I'm officially taking up more bandwidth yo. You may now find me at MySpace in addition to this blahg. Karen made me do it. We love her, man.

Tristan says "Wow that was some long ass posting. We should take a nap. And please don't put me on a diet, cause you know you love my snuggly belly. You're getting veeeerrrrry sleepy; your eyes are closing. You need some Bear belly snuggles. Yeah, that's better. Psst...I rule this chick with my cuteness. Don't you forget it."