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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Attention Kmart Shoppers!

Today's special is one crispy-fried mojo, found under the blue light on aisle 5.

My mojo is FOUND, baby. Turns out I had it all along. I stuck it in the pocket of an old pair of jeans I put on the other day and left the poor thing in there with the jean lint and a wadded chewing gum wrapper. Silly me. It needs a little love, some wiping off (lint is clingy), and maybe a big hug, so we're only focusing on the positive and all the changes that are forthcoming.

Change #1: Not really a change so much as a refocus...competition for July 29th is officially ON. Saturdy puts me at 16 weeks out. May the running, dieting, and obsessive-compulsive supplement taking, regimently scheduled eating and associated semi-crazy behavior begin. Forgive me if my posts begin to take on a drill sergeant-esque flavor. I have to be very determined and purposeful if this is to happen the way it should. I have two friends competiting as Pros, and Karen working her ass off with me, so this is a very good start.

Change #2: I'm looking at UGA's website, and as soon as we return to Athens I'm picking up a few classes. Specifically creative writing and magazing writing, and probably a few others. Since I'll be 30 soon and all, it's probably time to pick a career direction and stop fucking around. I may continue my current path until I can safely pursue another, though. And damn, I really wanna teach some day. So, writing and teaching, but first, whatever pays the damn cable bill and lets me continue to game.

So, the picture is becoming clearer. Change is afoot. And I really hate Kmart. Don't ask what prompted the blue light special. Maybe I need retail therapy.

Oh, here's a bit of progress on the Prairie Tunic.

About six more repeats of the pattern and I can start the shaping for the top section and start working on the front!

And the scarf I started in NYC, now officially called the NYC Scarf, is finished, but I am too lazy to put it on and turn the camera around for a self portrait. Trust that it looks smokin' on me.

Oooh, yummy purples. So pretty it kinda makes me tingle.