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Sunday, June 14, 2009

dyeing and sewing and baking, oh my!

I have maybe been a little busy.

Sorry this shot has to be in black and white, but there are a few skeins of club yarn at the top and it can't be seen yet! This pile of yarn to be wound represents about half of what I've dyed, which is about a third of what I plan to dye. Maybe a shade more. I hope Nate is saving up some podcasts to listen to, because he has a serious pile of work to do.

My mom will be here next week to help me out and I'm going to teach her how to dye as well. She's SO excited and I'm so grateful. We've needed to spend some time together for a while now and it will be great to see her. This might mean that I need to work hard on my summer class project before she comes so that I won't have to worry about it while she's here. Crap.

In sewing news, I kinda fell down at a store I found in Atlanta called Intown Quilters. Oh my hell at the deliciousness to be found within. Every Amy Butler fabric I've ever seen and some I must have missed, along with Heather Bailey, Anna Marie Horner, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Jay McCarroll, etc. with a capital E.

My friend Laura picked out this fat quarter collection of yummy lime green, black and white. We had both been eyeing it but there was just ONE. So she bought it and pulled out two that she wants me to make as bags for her and I get to keep the rest! IEEE!

These are the FQs that I bought myself. If I have time they'll become notions pouches for the Sock Summit, but if not, maybe they'll go in the etsy store.

And for the finale, I bought the fabric to make an Emmaline Apron. Holy whoa is that thing cute! And SEXY. I don't think anyone will miss me at the Sock Summit if I'm covered in lime green and teal. The sash and ties are a solid lime green, naturally. I've cut out all the pieces except the bias strips. That's blowing my mind for some reason. I'm going to start sewing tomorrow anyway. Heh.

On a final note, check out my first squash!!! We grilled it and a few others (store bought) with our very thick pork chops this weekend and it was SO delicious. I have one more that can be picked and I realized as I watered this evening that I have several little green roma tomatoes, so I'll be watching for those to grow and turn red.

My next garden pick will be the kale. It's long and curly and so gorgeous that I don't want to cut it, but it's time! I'm going to make Zuppa Toscana with it this week. YUM. I can hardly wait!

Since planting our garden we've become avid food blog readers. There's so much inspiration out there! It's a wonder I'm not gaining weight just reading them! A friend (Alison, who blogs here and dyes yarn here) pointed me to this one since we have the Breadmaker's Apprentice book and wow do I want to do this bread-along thing. Like we need that much bread in our house, seriously. Worst case scenario is that I could send it to friends right? Right?