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Wednesday, May 27, 2009



I'm still alive, promise! And I am going to try to blog more because I really miss it!

Our dyeing for the Sock Summit is moving along slowly but surely. I found some spin issues with one of the yarns and have had to send it back, so that's totally got me freaked out, but more is coming and the dyeing will go on. Fingers crossed.

I'm also doing a bit of sewing too. I've almost forgotten how much I enjoy a productive sewing day. I'm working on some notions pouches and some cute little box bags for the Summit, and I hope to have some in the Etsy store eventually too.

Just the beginning of the notion bag pile which includes a ton of Amy Butler and some Kaffe Fassett:

A sample box bag:

I might accidentally have acquired a quilting bug this month. It is not unlike the swine flu. Except when it is. It caused me to trip and fall and buy jelly rolls of gorgeous fabric to make throw quilts for my couch. DARN. But they'll keep me warm, I keep saying to myself, and they'll be prettier than the ratty old blankets I've been using! Yeah, that's it.

Our garden has really taken off too! We have some gorgeous plants that are growing very well and, um, rather quickly. We already harvested our lettuce and chard and it was DELICIOUS.

This is our first squash flower. I took this last week and now we have about 12 more flowers. We might be overrun with squash pretty soon. Just a guess.

My friend, Caryn, gave us four more roma tomato plants. There was no room in the SFG so we planted them in their own pots. The one last one has a second squash plant in it as well.

Again, this picture was taken last week and I swear that squash plant has doubled in size since then. It's totally crowding out the tomato plant in the top left and overshadowing what's left of the chard on the right. The tiny green spots are all pepper plants and an eggplant. All growing a bit slowly, but it might be that the squash is sucking the life out of everything else.

Oh, and see the ant hill at the bottom? Right up there ^? They will not go away. I spray organic stuff and they just move over a bit. Fuckers.

In addition to growing our own food in these lean times, I've become a coupon whore. Publix has buy one get one free items every week, so I save up my coupons for stuff I need, then I go and raid their BOGO stuff. As evidenced below:

I spent $19.68 (stuff I didn't have coupons for, sadly) and saved $42.50. It's like winning the lottery!

Leave me a comment if you're interested in learning more!

Hope you're all having a great short week!