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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sock Club!

Hi! I hope you're having a great Saturday! Mine has been wonderful, but we'll get to that in a minute.

First, the news you've all been hoping for! I'm opening sign ups for my first sock club on March 15th! You'll be able to sign up through April 15th (or until the club sells out, whichever comes first) and the first package will ship on or around May 15th. You'll get 3 monthly shipments of a skein of yummy sock yarn, a bit of info about the colorway and the inspiration behind it, and a couple of little goodies as well. I'm not doing any major swag in order to keep the price to $30/month (includes shipping).

Reserving your spot will be super easy. On the right hand sidebar you'll soon see two Paypal buttons. One will get you the full 3 months subscription and you'll pay all at once. For those of you on a yarn budget (like me) the second button will also get you all 3 months, but you'll be billed once a month instead of all at once. There will be a limited number of total subscriptions, so first come first served!

I'll release more details as we get closer!

Ok, on to my Saturday. Thanks to Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Nate decided we needed some badass chocolate chip cookies. I usually make my own badass cc cookies, but we decided to try something new and found a recipe online. OMG yum. We did all the mixing by hand with NO mixer (ow, thank the gods for electricity) and the texture was perfect.

Mmm yummy dough.
We made the cookies super large, and they're about 3 inches in diameter. I can only eat one at a time without going into a sugar coma. Not that I usually stuff three at a time into my mouth or anything. Ahem.

Later I met Karen at the MAC counter for my fabulous makeover. Holy shit did I buy a lot of stuff. I'm convinced they put as much "product" on you as possible so you'll feel compelled to Buy It All.

I managed to get out of there with as much colored stuff and fewer primers and enhancers than they would have liked. But hey, there's always next month's paycheck.

Eyeshadow. I got Fig 1, Star Violet, and Gleam. They're so pretty all blended together and they make my eyes really pop. I tire of hearing the word "pop" but it works here perfectly. If my eyes ever actually "pop" we're going to have a serious problem.

The second most awesome thing I got is the powder foundation. It goes on super light and smooth and barely feels like I'm wearing anything. Yet I look amazazing. Love it.

I also got concealer, moisturizer, and another lipstick. And that effectively kills my yarn budget this month. Of course, looking fabulous is far more important than yarn. Holy god, someone stop me.

p.s. There was a super cute little gay guy running around the MAC area working on faces and he totally made me miss having gay guys in my life. I need some adorable guys around me to tell me how fierce and fabulous I am (regardless of how silly that might be, shut up). Oh Christian, come home to mama.