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Monday, March 10, 2008

Punk Rock Sock Club!

Hi y'all! I just wanted to fill you in on the theme and ideas behind the very first sock club! The Punk Rock Sock Club! I’ll be creating a colorway each month around album art from one band from each decade: the 70s, 80s, and 90s! Clash, Social Distortion, Green Day...I'm looking at you. I'm super excited about dyeing these up because some of the album art is really out there (some of it's very gray/black/white too, but I'm doing the colorful albums only)!

Again, the sign ups will be on the blog, NOT on etsy and you’ll be able to pay through paypal either all at once for the 3 month subscription or be billed monthly. The sidebar reservation buttons will go up Friday morning (the 15th)! ****Ok, this should have read Saturday the 15th, but I'm on the Dayquil and can't read a calendar. Let's split the difference and make it Friday night/Saturday morning at midnight EST. HA! Take that Dayquil!****

You'll be able to sign up through April 15th (or until the club sells out, whichever comes first) and the first package will ship on or around May 15th. You'll get 3 monthly shipments of a skein of yummy sock yarn, a bit of info about the colorway and the inspiration behind it, and a couple of little goodies as well. I'm not doing any major swag in order to keep the price to $30/month (includes priority shipping).

Whee! I’m so excited about dyeing for this club! It’s gonna rock.

Feel free to steal the above button, but please save it to your own server!