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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday? Already?

God, where did this week go? I haven't read blogs or knit (ok a little), or even managed to do laundry. Oh yeah, I'm studying for the GRE. And suffering from Pokemon addiction. I can't do math, but I can beat the shit out of some pokemons. Shouldn't that count for something?

I'm scheduling my GRE exam as soon as I get paid for April so that I can just get it over with. But y'all. I'm *worried*. I seriously haven't had any math since high school and when reviewing the "Basic Math" in my GRE study guide my brain shuts off, I become zombiesque (it's a word), and it just doesn't click with me. Solve for A? Fuck A. Somebody get me a drink! Granted, I don't have to do a phenomenal job to meet the program's requirements, but I'd like to not have to take it again.

I'm also working on The List (see the left sidebar) and I'm accomplishing a few things this weekend including:

- Recycling old cell phones
- Replacing the rest of our plain light bulbs with the CFC kind (the ones I can reach anyway)
- Cleaning out our filing cabinet, shredding old stuff and filing stuff that's hanging around
- Running my first 5k in 8 years. DONE!
- Recycling old comforters, etc, by giving to Goodwill

Did I mention that I love lists? And since Nate will be out of town this weekend I'll be able to get soooo much done. He's definitely a laziness enabler. And when he's gone he doesn't have to deal with my "must. clean. everything. right. now." mania and I don't have to feel like a bitch for making him help.

As it turns out though, some work crap yesterday has kept Nate at home (thanks so much Nigerian spammers, he's enjoying the fuck out of his weekend...'preciate it!) and he's just going to have to tolerate my craziness. Right after this nap.

Just to prove I did it, here's a pic from before the race this morning:

Oh hi. It's 7 a.m. and I bet you're all sleeping soundly while I'm about to run my ass off for 3 miles. Bitches. (p.s. it was a mental STRUGGLE to get my ass out of bed this morning. the freaking sun wasn't even up yet.)

And this is after. Awake and exhausted, but feeling really proud of myself. You can't see my running number here, but it was 385. Just for the record. I made the 3.2 miles in 40 minutes, which is not bad at all considering I totally forgot to factor the hilliness of Athens into my training. I ran most of it, but the three biggest hills kicked my ass and I had to walk them.

When I got home, my boy kitties were completely and utterly unphased by my return. Usually I get a greeting at the door, a third degree sniff, and some meows. Instead, they were obsessed with something else.

A squirrel had made its way onto our back porch and found the seeds that the birds drop from our feeder.

He's totally just staring at my kitties and eating a seed, like 'oh hi, stupid kittehs, you can't get me! muahahahha!' Fully aware that there is glass between himself and the big kitties and that he's totally safe. Mocking them. He could not be any closer to these poor tortured kitties. Then he starts to bathe his face and nibble at his fleas, all right in front of my boys. Once he realized that 'oh shit, there's a big human,' he took off and my kitties decided napping was more interesting.

Have a great weekend; I'm off to find a napping spot of my own.