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Friday, December 07, 2007

And of course, world peace

I feel like I won the Miss America pageant or something! And I didn't have to wear a bikini or do a choreographed dance! Believe me, I would not win any contests if those two things were requirements. The world is lucky that they never have to witness such a catastrophe.

It has been an overwhelming week, but I've survived the "Harlotting" as it were. I swore that I was just going to do the dyeing for my wholesale orders and chill out the rest of the month. But Stephanie had other plans, and I will gladly change my agenda for her. Seeing as how she came to see me in Atlanta and all. And I'm so grateful. Thanks Stephanie, and thanks to your hoard of readers. You guys rock!

So this weekend will be spent winding yarn and packing/shipping orders, which is awesome, wonderful and pleasantly unexpected. There are still a few skeins of yarn in the etsy store at 10% off with the codeword "Harlot". After that I'll be focusing entirely on my wholesale orders til January. I'm a one woman show and I have a full time job, so it's an interesting adventure!

In knitting news, I'm still (yes still) working on scarves for my parents. Not sure that I'm going to get to Nate's sister's scarf. I might just have to hand her the yarn and needles and show her how to knit it herself. Let's hope my time crunch isn't really that dramatic. I'm not sure "let me teach you to knit your own scarf" qualifies as a Christmas gift.

I know you're probably bored to tears without any pictures, but I just don't have any right now. I haven't been able to touch the knitting or the camera all week. I'll get to it this weekend.

In other news, I'm my new chiropractor's favorite patient.

1. I have to go 3x a week at $35/pop because my body won't hold the adjustments. Merry Xmas to her!
2. I nearly pass out at the sight of my own xrays. This is why I'm not a doctor.
3. I also might pass out if she adjusts my neck the manual way (with her hands). My little nervous system goes into "fight or flight," and uh...I'm a runner.

Today she called me Speshal. Can I get that written on my sash?

World Peace!