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Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy (in denial) Monday!

(p.s. Back off Monday or I'll kick your ass. Or just refuse to leave the building, whatever.)

Hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was somewhat relaxing, but mostly spent dyeing yarn and decorating a tree.

But I told ya'll I was knitting!

Madge introduced me to BMF's Raven colorways and I just fell in love with Korpii. Madge is devious like that. She shows you yummy yarn and just leaves you to drool and mindlessly order while your credit card screams. (Whether it's screaming in pleasure or pain, I'll leave to your own minds.) It was all I could do to resist the temptation to knit and I finally just gave in. This is your generic stockinette stitch sock pattern using the medium weight yarn and 52 stitches (I started with 60 and got icky pooling so I ripped and reduced the stitch count.) They are the most perfect socks I've ever knit. Turns out if you knit them back to back you can remember what you did and not have to write it down or fudge the second one!

Sexy black and purple, no pooling. Rawr.

This next picture is actually a sock I worked on back in Sept/Oct. I've had a few folks on Ravelry ask me for the pattern so I'm working on writing it all out. The cable is the Buckle Braid Cable pattern from Barbara Walker's Charted Knitting Designs book. I love that book with an unexplainable ferocity. In fact, I thought it was missing for a few minutes and almost went into hysterics.

Yup that's my hand in there trying to stretch out the cables. Wish I had sock blockers right about now. The cable stitches and the knit border stitches are knit through the back loops to make them stand out more. I love that trick!

I'm also working on an Irish Hiking Scarf for my step-dad and a One Row Scarf for my mom (both in Jo Sharp Aran Tweed). I need to cast on for a scarf for Nate's sister but I don't have the right yarn. I'm probably going to have to dye something to make it the right yarn. She wants something green, and I have some natural colored Ultra Alpaca that would be perfect as a green semi-solid. I just don't know what scarf to knit. I'd like it to be a quick knit while looking somewhat complicated or sophisticated. I really like the Woven Cables and Inner Truth patterns. What do you guys think? Or should I pick something entirely different? I'm so indecisive.

In addition, I really want to knit the Urban Homesteader hat for myself!! I *need* a hat with ponytail AND pigtail holes! IEEEE! I love that it has buttons where you can close the parts you're not using. Ok, clearly it's time to confess. I'm not really 31. I'm still 5. And I need pigtails and a hat to go with them. And little flower buttons for the closures.

Have a lovely Monday (or as I'm now referring to it, pre-Tuesday)!