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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why does Theraflu have to taste like ass?

I mean really. I'm drinking the stuff three times a day, I have a virtual BUFFET of Theraflu, and every single one tastes like ass. Not that I know what actual ass tastes like, but in my imagination, it's something really close to Theraflu.

This is all so irritating! Mentally I'm sharp, I'm geared up, I have lots of dyeing and fun things I want to do, and yet about 30 minutes into anything that requires standing and my body says, "oh really? yeah, i think you ought to sit down now, smartass".

So I get two or three skeins wound for my order and I'm out of commission for a few hours. They're getting about 20 skeins of the silver yarn, and an exclusive dark pink/purple semisolid called "Kiss Me x 3" (named for the Cure song, natch). And if for some reason they don't like it, I'll put it my shop, cause it is to DIE for. For you Canadians, I also have some of the silver yarn and some Louet going to The Sweet Sheep as soon as I feel well enough to stand over a dye pot. Then I have a ginormous order going to Knitch, again, as soon as I'm well.

At least I can knit while I'm sitting.

I could have been done with my Christmas knitting by now. But no. I got some of the Noro sock yarn and I got sucked into being a selfish knitter. I'm turning the heel on a very tall purply sock for ME. But look! It's green and purple and gray and pink and black and purple again! How could I not cast on?

I think I need to drag my knitting to a Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks inside just to get out of the house, cause I'm getting a little nutty being cooped inside for 3 days straight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ya'll! I'm going back to work tomorrow, hell or high fever!