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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On Christmas

This is the first year that Nate and I have put up a Christmas tree. We have a few ornaments but rather than going out and buying more, we just got a really pretty garland and matching topper.

The tree is just so pretty in its simplicity, it might be my favorite tree ever. Just the garland and white lights. I love it! (He found this cranberry garland at Target. Love that store!)

I'm driving to my mom's house after work tomorrow to visit and deliver scarves, then I'm driving back home on Saturday for Nate's birthday on Sunday. His only wish every year is to not travel on his birthday, and since we don't have kids or a very long drive to our families homes I honor that wish if possible. All that changes the minute we have a child though, and he might have to do a little growing up and getting over it. But I'll still honor the "no red or green wrapping paper" on his birthday gifts.

We don't do a traditional Christmas at all. The only reason we have a tree is because it was free from our neighbor and I insisted we put it up now that we have one. Mostly out of tradition more than anything, since he's an atheist and I'm just not religious. The lights are pretty and they make me smile, so I think it's worth it!

We give each other gifts, but it's never a surprise and we don't wait until Christmas day to deliver. We got each other North Face jackets, and I bought him a very nice chef's knife for his birthday. No wrapping paper or surprise here, and everyone's happy.

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a great couple of days of rest and relaxation and try not to beat any relatives about the head. I know how hard this can be, but only do it if they *really* deserve it.


p.s. I've added a little info about the mailing list on the left sidebar. If you'd like to join, just shoot me an email. The first one will go out in January!