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Friday, January 05, 2007

i still knit! and now i run too!

I can't find my camera's power adapter to show you progress on my Central Park Hoodie, (I've finished the fronts and back, and cast on for the sleeves last night) but I was smart enough to download the pics I took of my niece Adreana's Drive-Thru sweater that I knit her for Christmas. Yeah I know it's practically the same colors as the one in the pattern, but I knew she'd like it cause she's two years old and she loves pink. She's soooo super cute in this sweater. Hopefully her mom will send me a picture of her in it so I can show you guys how adorable she is.

Drive-Thru, meet the Fabulous Mr. Clean.

The KP Swish is just wonderful. It washed, dried and blocked beautifully. I accidentally ordered one ball short of the dark green, so I did the colorwork on the sleeves too in hopes that I could make up for it, and it worked out very well. In fact, I prefer this version to the original, but I'm biased about that.

In other news, my running is off to a good start. I'm up to 3.35 miles from my walk on Wednesday night and my run on Thursday. Ya'll I have to wear so much gear it's ridiculous. I've got on my watch, my mp3 player (sometimes), my cell phone, my bike lights - one in my hand and one attached to my shorts (shaddup), and my inhaler (stuck between my boobs in my sports bra, real classy like). My neighborhood is kind of dark in places and very wooded so I prefer to be cautious and make sure cars can see me. Let's hope they ignore the total dork parts and just see some chick running...yeah right.

I've also been trying to do some yoga stretches every morning, at least the sun salutation, which is a tremendous help in waking me up. I'm so not a morning person. I'd rather snuggle in the warm covers than eat chocolate. And ya'll know how much I love chocolate. It's damn near shameful. Hence the running of the shame-induced ass.

I need to decide what my reward is going to be for completing the 100 miles. Probably some yarn. And then some Ben & Jerry's.

Have a great weekend folks. My first grad school class starts Tuesday. Advanced Grammar. Yes, I'm clinically and quantifiably insane. Especially when just typing it out makes me giddy. Cross you fingers that my brain doesn't become mush over the weekend and I forget everything I've ever been taught.