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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Hump Day ya'll!

This week is much better so far. School is picking up, and by that I mean I have a lot of reading and writing to do. And somehow I have to log a few miles in my running goal. I'm up to 13 so far. Must get moving.

Quickie Update (cause I specialize in quickies, you know):

1. Almost finished with sleeve #2 on the CPH. Then I'll block all the pieces and do some seaming. Still gottta do the hoodie, button bands, and pick some buttons.

2. Robin did my astrological chart for me this week, and damn does she rock. Some parts were so dead on balls accurate that it was stunning. We must all bow down to her now, in extreme reverence.

3. Still no cable. Maybe never. We might be throwing in the towel and going with Dish and Bellsouth (sorry, the "new AT&T"...eww), even though it costs twice as much. Girl needs her internets.

4. I'm such a moron. I got a gift card for Title9, which is my absolute favorite place to shop online, and I ordered this kick ass bag (imagine pink and brown for me) for school, cause I love school and so I have to buy all new school supplies and office products and various other things that make me feel "prepared". I'm a geek, this is not news. However, I've put this bag on my back for three whole days....BACKWARDS. I was leaving for class yesterday and I mentioned to Nate that my new bag would be so very killer if only the shoulder strap was comfortable. He very sensitively replied, "um...honey? you have the thing on backwards". Huh? See, I'm a backpack-over-the-right-shoulder kinda girl. Bags with two straps make this easy. This bag is supposed to hang on your LEFT shoulder. Once on, it's perfect and wonderful and even snugs up close so that if you were riding a bike it wouldn't go flying off behind you. I have to look at it for a few minutes and work the logic of putting it on for a good 60 seconds before I can actually put it on. Sorta like a 5 year old learning to tie shoes. And it humbles me. I'm 30. I ought to have the keys to the whole universe by now, and a silly bag is kicking my ass. Jeez.

That is all. Carry on.