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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Here are the progress shots of my Central Park Hoodie in KP's Swish. The light in my house is far far better than any aparment I've ever lived in, yet my pics still look like poo. Must be operator malfunction.

This has been a very fast knit and I knit the front panels at the same time on circular needles (thumbs up for the new pink Denise cables). A cable close up so you can drool over the yumminess of Swish. I just wanna roll around naked in it.

The back wishes it was seamed to the fronts already. It practically begs me to wear it daily.

The beginnings of sleeve #1. I'll finish it and the sleeve cap tonight and then cast on for #2.

P.S. Sleeves bore me to tears. Second sleeve syndrome HAS to be worse than second sock syndrome. I'm only powering through because I want to wear it so badly.

Also, we still do NOT have cable!! Charter has STILL not dug up our yard to lay the lines. We have run out of all our Tivo'd shows, and we now rely on Netflix to send us entertainment. Since we go through movies so fast, they're starting to stall our deliveries. Bastards.

So when times are really tough, we play this:

We managed to get the only one at Fry's in Atlanta on a Friday night because they are almost impossible to get in Athens at this point. Nate had been routinely (read: several times a day) checking every possible sales outlet in town, only to miss two by a few minutes. Fry's made us buy some stupid games as a bundle, but we just exchanged them for better ones elsewhere.

Thank god for Zelda.