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Monday, January 22, 2007

5 weird things about me

I've no time for quality posting, and no pictures to show you. It makes me very sad.

However, I give you weird stuff about me:

1. My eyelashes are so super long they collide with my sunglasses. I would trim them, but it looks weird. Ask me how I know.

2. I used to be a hardcore vegan. Now I'm working back toward that some, because it's healthier for me.

3. I'm an obsessive hand washer. Which explains why my hands are always dry and icky. And also why I always have lotion with me, though it doesn't last very long.

4. I eat my meals one side at a time. All the broccoli, then the rice, then the meat. I never let my food touch, unless it's something that's meant to be mixed together. Like putting chili on my baked potato. Still, it freaks me out.

5. I'm terrified of heights, but only under certain circumstances. I don't do theme park rides that drop you, but I can ride rollercoasters all day long.