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Monday, August 07, 2006

quickish update

i dont really do quick (unless you count the occasional quicky). but i do lists well, so we'll go with that.

1. work blows. and sucks. it has the inate ability to do both at once. but i'm *home* so i'm not really complaining, i swear. just tired of working 7 days a week and being completely stressed out about the amount of work to be done, that even in our haste we may have a difficult time accomplishing. what day is it again?

2. knitting is good. so called scarf is finished but i don't feel like having anyone take a pic of me modeling the damned thing (it's hot, the scarf is wool, my give-a-shit factor is nil), so i may throw it at unwitting victims and snap quickly so as to get a shot of it. i've cast on for a top-down raglan sweater using this site (and not jemima, though i can't say why other than i just don't love it like i used to) cause i'm ready to knit something new and make my brain do more creative tasks than data entry and conflict management. also, no one gets knitted gifts for christmas this year. i'm enjoying making stuff for me a bit too much to be diverted.

3. i heart the dog whisperer. he is my new hero and i think i might love him. i wish he'd come to my house and help me deal with my shy little beagle. she's adorable and sweet, but she's afraid of everything. it makes me sad. cesar, come.

4. my dryer died. i have to get a new one. and oooooh the pretty options. can't spend a grand on a stupid dryer though.

5. i wish i had time to work out. i miss cycling and i'm mushy. bleh. still don't miss gaming though. but my kick ass monitor misses me and is getting dusty. maybe i'll pick up a nancy drew murder mystery game for old times sake. or hello kitty. ooooh kitty.

have a great week! or weekend! i really don't have a clue what day it is and i'm afraid to ask. so happy whatever.