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Thursday, August 10, 2006

just realized it's thursday

Holy gods, where did this week go? And praise be to me that it's almost over. I've been told today that my normal (ha. normal.) life may resume in 2 to 3 weeks. Woot.

I forgot my pic of the sweater the other day, so I give you now the beginnings of le raglan sweater pour moi. And coming soon to a stitch holder near me...sleeves! I can hardly wait! I really really really love this teal color. I shall be ever so sexah. And a little slouchy. That's how I do.

(Random books on table are: cookbook by Giada from Food Network (yum), An Inconvenient Truth, and some guitar book. About 5 knitting books live on the other side of the table. Guess where I spend a lot of time when not working my ass off?)

Yesterday was "Bring My Dogs To Work Day" cause the maintenance guy was doing some work in my apartment. And also cause I can. Taylor (aka Pooh...all dogs are poohs to me, but he gets the capital P), graciously modeled my completed scarf.

Isn't he so very GQ?

Ellie hid behind my chair and refused to acknowledge anyone, including me most of the time.

Also notice the ever-present bottle of DDP. It's my crack ya'll.

After work, I joined Karen, Jenna, and Brooke at Hot Corner and we taught Brooke how to knit. I should have taken a camera cause we were cute as hell. We put on our redneck southern accents (not to be confused with our come-hither southern drawls), and stared down anyone who dared look at us sideways, while also fugging every poor soul who walked in the door. I guess that makes us catty white trash poseurs. Whatev. We laughed a lot, which is all that matters.

When I got home, I got out of the car and promptly walked into the biggest spider web in the history of the world and thereby lost my shit in the parking lot. If anyone had seen the altercation, they'd have had me arrested for insane behavior and potentially indecent exposure. Crazy girl screaming, running in circles, and maybe getting a little naked. Normal bugs I can handle. Spiders not so much. I immediately went in and took a shower, as the thought of sleeping with spider spit all over me was too much to bear. And also the notion that maybe the spider is in my hair.

I'm still a little freaked. Never did find the damn spider.