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Monday, August 21, 2006

Knitch, natch

This Saturday, Lisa and I went to the new yarn store, Knitch in Virginia Highlands. This is their very cool metal sculpture bird just outside the door. I love that he's knitting (natch).

The store is gorgeous and the ladies who run it are very friendly and helpful. We spent probably two hours there and shared some good laughs with the owners. There was also much yarn fondling and a mad case of the drools.

Also, for a brand spankin' new yarn shop, there were LOTS of folks just hanging out and knitting. Must. Go. Back.

I really love this stuff, some yarn from Be Good (whose website I can't find, though I'm sure it exists).

My scarf pal digs these pink/orange combos and I almost bought some, but I think I found what I want to make for her in the Recycled Sari Silk area. Still futzing around with patterns and designs, so nothing to show yet. Fawn over the yarn that could have been instead. For now.

This is Rockstar from Tilli Thomas. I *did* buy the silver with the clear glass beads. It's better than sex. And it's mine all mine. I may not even knit it up. It deserves lots of petting and its own special place by my pillow. I'm just sayin.

And they had some skeins from Material Whirled that were just stunning (i was too awed to take pics). I really love Almost Innocent (ha!) and the Skull Skeins. If I were knitting for Amanda, I'd buy Flippin' Monkeys in a second.

In related fiber news, Nate and I are working out the details and debating on attending Rhinebeck or SAFF in Asheville. Both are in October, on consecutive weekends and it would really be cool if we could hit both, but alas, lack of money prevents it. If we went to Rhinebeck, we'd spend a few days in Boston, and maybe NYC (not sure I can stomach the NYC twice in one year) then the weekend in Rhinebeck. If we go to Asheville, it would just be for the weekend. But a gorgeous fall weekend with red/yellow/orange leaves and beautiful mountains! Not that Rhinebeck won't be pretty, but it would definitely be more expensive. Guess which way I'm leaning.

Oh! And I *can* make socks! I finally got the nerve (read: patience) to sit down and figure out kitchener stitch to close the toe. Took me a few tries, cause I kept looking at my work and thinking, "good lord, that's got to be the most retarded toe I've ever can't be right". But it was. And it's a perfectly functional toe and maybe the most beautiful ever.

Do pardon the hairy leg. I was so excited that I didn't even bother to shave for my closeup.