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Friday, August 18, 2006

bring me (back) to life


i'm exhausted (and boring it would seem). so tired that i'm taking naps at lunch, and usually sleeping over my hour break. even our friend pete (who i can barely find time to chat with, even via gmail, and even then if i'm not totally slammed at work and *then* if the retardation that is our dsl connection is working - seriously it's like working in a third world country sometimes) asks the other day "where is the happy no-stressy mel? i miss her'. and all i could reply is 'i dunno, but if you see her, send her this way'.

i think i might have a day off this week. sunday. then it all starts over again with a stupid monday. but at least i've become aware of what day it is. baby steps toward my eventual return to normalcy.

work is nuts, though slowly calming. students are back in town. chaos ensues. sec college football starts in two weeks, and while i dont just adore the extra 80k people in town when all i really want to do is get some groceries, the games are fun to watch on tv as long as there are good friends and good beer nearby. i've only stepped into our football stadium twice in my life, and i'll never go back. thanks to beer spillages and random grabbings of my ass, it's football on tv from here on out for me. keep your frat boy mitts to yourself, thank you very much.

also, i've managed to fend off the work drama queens with laughter. they tell me their drama stories of the frat house or the gay boys and i just laugh and keep my own stories to myself. otherwise my policy is 'check your drama at the door'. cause i only have room for my own semi-dramas (like my trainer not showing up this morning...grr...but still, not even real drama just irritation), and even the things that try to manifest as realish drama are getting a laugh from me. whatever. i just don't have the time, patience or brain capacity to be bothered.

all my extra energy (extra?!? lol) is going toward figuring out what i'm going to do for the scarf swap. i have some fun ideas, though nothing concrete and i desperately want to go yarn shopping. But despite spending all my waking hours at work, i'm magically broke as fuck. i dunno where the money is going, but i hope it's having a good time without me.