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Monday, April 07, 2008


Dear Monday, Thank you for getting your abuse out of the way first thing this morning. My would-have-been-yummy banana/peach breakfast smoothie looks lovely splattered all over me and the elevator floor. Let's go ahead and call it a day, shall we? Smoochies - Me

Now that that's out of the way...

Yesterday was glorious. I started the day headed to Knitch and the Harlot book signing with this:

A little heart in my mocha. It really put the whipped cream topping on my giddiness for the morning. Figures I'd get a smoothie smackdown the next day just to keep things "fair and balanced." Snerk.

Alison and I got to town late so we didn't do any other shopping and were really lucky to get seats somewhat near the stage. (Thanks KateyJ for taking better pics than I was getting!!) Katey and her clan sat right behind us and we all giggled through the entire talk. She even won some super expensive yarn, gave it a name and tucked it in her bra for safe keeping. That's my kinda gal.

Stephanie, doing her "Knitters, with sock" artwork.

I worked on my Clap, which is now long enough to start the decrease rows. Love. It. You still can't see the super bling factor here, but it's astonishingly shiny. I don't think I've ever gotten as many "oooh!"s as I did when I pulled this out of my bag. Then again, I usually knit alone and I can only do so much to entertain myself.

During the knit-in I got to meet some folks I've been talking to for a while, including Mary, Cate and Chickengoddess. Alma - your shawl was stunning. I still have no words. I ran into almost everyone I chatted with the last time Stephanie was around and met some lovely new faces too.

After the knit-in, we got to meet with Stephanie at last. Stephanie remembered me and my yarn, which totally shocked me. I might have gotten a tad giddy and inappropriately hugged her. Ahem. Sorry. I could blame the caffeine, but it's really the nerdiness.

I gave her a skein of the Aura (silvery) Bloodflowers and she had to stash it quickly so no one could steal it from her.

What? Where do you hide your stash?

I have no idea what I'm looking at in this pic. Der. Anyway, that's me, Stephanie, Alison and Mary! Alison and I got to have a nice chat with Mary over nachos and wine across the street, where Mary informed me that she has a degree in applied math. M - expect your phone to ring if I fail these practice GREs, mkay? (Speaking of the GRE: I'm scheduled to take it April 29th. Major fucking EEEEK over here.)

You can't see it in this pic, but I had on a pair of these earrings all day and wow did they get a lot of compliments. It made me giggle all day to be able to say "lick my sticks" repeatedly. Pam is working up a batch of earrings, so get them while you can!

I gotta say, it was a smidge weird to be somewhat famous for a day. I was really unprepared for so many people to know who I was and/or to have knit with my yarn. Even the ladies behind us in line to meet the Harlot were knitting socks in Fascination Street! So surreal.

I'm a wallflower at heart, so dealing with attention makes me a little awkward. And huggy. If I hugged anyone too much or too hard...sorry. At least I didn't stab you with my earrings.