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Friday, April 04, 2008

Harlot weekend!

I'm so excited about seeing the Harlot again this weekend!

Alison and I are driving in around 11, but we have super important yarn errands to run so we'll get to the Knitch area by 1. We plan to attend the Knit In, listen to the lovely Stephanie, then have a snack and some wine while waiting for the second signing. (which sounds a lot like the Second Coming to me, and I guess it sort of is - though not in any spiritual way.)

If any of you in the Atlanta area will be at the Harlot event on Sunday, shoot me a message and we'll hook up!

I'll be sure to take my camera, lots of knitting (including a possible FO - don't faint, y'all), and maybe a special yarn for le Harlot.

I'm really hoping to finish the Clapotis this weekend. I started a second ball of yarn, but it's really close to being finished I think.

I hope I can get a picture of this in some better light. It's truly gorgeous when it sparkles!