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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sexy Clap

Today was so gorgeous - it was one of those days you wish would last forever. Nate and I cleaned the house and took some pictures of my complete (mini) Clapotis!

This yarn is just so gorgeous, if I do say so myself. It's soft, warm, luxurious, and requires a little bit of dressing up just so you won't be completely outdone. It's hard to wear a yarn that really wears you.

Forgive the blur. Clearly I'm not the one taking that photo...

Dorky grin #1.

Dorky grin #2. What? This Clap makes a girl feel very rawr.

In other news, I crossed off an important list item yesterday. I got five new bras. I suddenly realized on Friday that all I was wearing were sports bras and not for good reasons. So I took some measurements then plugged those numbers into an online lingerie site, discovered I'm a 38C these days and went shopping. Technically I should be a D, but y'all, those are so huge on me. I don't even come close to filling them up. I think maybe I'm really a B+ or a C-. I tried the 36C, since I had always been a 36B (or so I thought) and those just don't work for me anymore. The 38 is much more comfortable, but it will take some getting used to.

I also finished a book and started three more. We watched the first few episodes of The Wire (my something new this month) and worked our asses off to find deductions to bring down our tax bill (it's not good). I dyed some Sock Club yarn (yay!) and we played WoW when we got bored (did I mention I'm gaming again? it's under control though).

Hope you'll had a great weekend! Watch out for falling objects on Monday.