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Monday, May 15, 2006

Small Town Georgia (really really small)

Welcome to Jacksonville, Georgia. Population 118. Most of it being my family, in some incarnation or other.

Don't ask. It's scandalous.

This town is the site of our annual Family Reunion, which always occurs the Saturday before Mother's Day. No invite necessary or sent, just show up and bring food, sweet tea and pie. Ya'll know.

This is the one and only red light. Also the center of "town". Did you blink? Oops you missed it. There's a church, a building that used to be the general store, an old gas station, and an old auto shop. Only the church is still in use. I have no idea where these people get their groceries.

This is where the magic happens though. My great-grandmother's house, built in 1936 by my great-grandfather. Apparently it has "architectural significance" because of the double front doors, so some company is tearing down the houses around it (and salvaging this house) to build a bypass. Like bypassing Jacksonville is of vital importance. Seriously, just blink. There, you bypassed.

It's so old school, it even has a well. Or what used to be a well, anyway. We were always warned as little kids to steer clear of the well, lest you fall in and die. I still don't go near it, just in case.

And also a smokehouse. There used to be an outhouse, but they tore that down when plumbing arrived to the big city.

The interior is really cool too. It's never been remodeled except to add a bathroom, so everything else is original. Like these "locks".

And these screened cabinets.

And this antique Singer sewing machine, though, not part of the 'architecture'. Still, a collector's dream.

My great aunt Hazel said "hey, ya'll". She really did.

My grandmother *hates* having her picture taken. She wanted to make sure you guys knew that. If you ever wondered where my attitude, semi-psychotic energy, and insane need to call everyone on their shit comes from, consider yourself introduced to Grandma.

I took far more pictures of town and the house than I did family. But we had a great time. Lots of little ones running around. I'm pretty sure I'm the only female from my generation without kids. And that's ok. My great aunt Gertrude (she's 82) asked me if I had kids yet, and I of course replied "". She said, "good, they're a pain in the ass".

I love her.