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Friday, May 12, 2006

How Soon is Now?

One of my most favorite scenes from Spaceballs:

Dark Helmet: What the hell am I looking at?! When does this happen in the movie?!
Col. Sandurz: Now! You're looking at "now," sir. Everything that happens now is happening "now."
Dark Helmet: What happened to "then?"
Col. Sandurz: We passed it.
Dark Helmet: When?
Col. Sandurz: Just now. We're at now "now."
Dark Helmet: Go back to "then."
Col. Sandurz: When?
Dark Helmet: Now.
Col. Sandurz: Now?!
Dark Helmet: Now!
Col. Sandurz: I can't.
Dark Helmet: Why?
Col. Sandurz: We missed it.
Dark Helmet: When?
Col. Sandurz: Just now.
Dark Helmet: When will "then" be "now?"
Col. Sandurz: Soon.

And how soon is now?

Um...soonish. Nate starts his job in two weeks, I start mine in four. With us being five hours apart for those last two weeks, moving should be an entertaining venture. We have my family reunion on Saturday (bring on the fried chicken and pie, ya'll), leaving only Sunday to pack for this weekend. And I sadly had to say "I wish I could, but now I can't" to the 48 Hour Film Project for next weekend. I need to be organizing, packing, and throwing out junk instead of acting. I know, I know, what a lame excuse.

Good news is that our apartment will be ready for Nate to crash in when he needs it. And the apartment could be furnished if we want, so we may just throw most of our stuff in a storage unit until we buy a house (which will now be very soon. well, within 6 months or so). So things are a go, though I can't give a definitive date for moving. Let's say, between now and then, mkay?

As long as the hell that ensued as we tried to leave Athens two years ago does not rear its vicious head, I will take it all in stride and with very big smiles. If, however, I am stuck on the side of the road, one mile outside of town, with a full U-Haul (the second truck to break down on us. never again U-Haul. never) and my step-dad on the hottest day of the year for TWELVE hours as we wait for the repair guy to get there, and the fix the damned thing...well, let's just say ya'll will hear about it. Very loudly. That was the longest, most awful day of my life. I hope to never repeat it.

Mole Update: Benign. All is well minus the rectangular gaping wound that replaces the cute mole.

Hair Update: My adventures into the dark world that is Loreal has proven very interesting. I search my scalp, and find grays reappearing, but not even a hint of color. Black is my natural hair color. Blue black to be exact. I am shocked. And perplexed. Have I really been coloring my hair for so long that I no longer know what my true hair color is until NOW?!? Think I'll call my mom and ask this seemingly ridiculous question.