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Monday, May 01, 2006

Geek Girl Crush

Karen and I discovered this past week that we have a mutual Geek Girl Crush. Not on another girl. Or each other, for that matter. But on Wil Wheaton. Though probably for different reasons.

I love Wil because he's an actor (yes, he still acts, leave the Crusher alone). And reading his posts about auditioning and really putting himself into a role just make my heart ache in such an omg-that's-so-exciting-yet-i could-not-be-more-jealous-if-he-had-all-the-chocolate-pudding-in-the-world sort of way. And, he reads Neil Gaiman. And he likes Death Cab for Cutie. Oh, the crushing could go on and on! (ha! crushing! crusher! i made a pun! ha!) (god i'm lame.)

And I image Karen loves Wil because he's an excellent writer (very important to a Literature scholar), and also because he was on STAR TREK. I never watched the show. Except that one or ten times, whatever. But Wil has a little piece of my heart (cue Janis Joplin), and I accept that I have given it to him.

His most current project especially makes me swoon, and I will be watching. I don't usually do cartoons, except for the occasional South Park episode (I'm serial!), but look out Nickelodeon, Karen and I are tuning in, bitches.

Other than that, I have a lot to say, but for some reason nothing comes out. I have about 5 posts that are half written, even. I can't seem to finish my own thoughts. But I have a geek crush. Oh yes. I do. Cartoons may be my sanity after all.

OOH! And it's my second anniversary with my second husband today. I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere, but I refuse to dig for it.