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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Random Things:

*I heart Stephen Colbert.

*Don't tell the nice young man making your burrito that you'd like enough fresh jalepeno to make you hurt but not so much that you scream. He'll just stare at you until you realize that what you've said could be taken in a way you didn't mean and you start to blush.

*I have pain in my lung. One spot in particular (the left lung if you're curious). Had it since the NY trip, though off and on. Today it hurts and is making me a little panicky.

*I also have a funky mole (to go with my funky figs, miss k). Getting it checked out next week. Let's hope there are no needles involved. I will bolt without shame.

*Hubs may have an interview in A-town. Will know more tonight/tomorrow.

*I got offered my old job back, also in A-town. It comes with free rent. Strongly considering.

*Wore a white skirt. And bought coffee. Ordinarily two great things. Sadly, the new stain I have on said skirt is the two headed love child of those happy things. Sometimes two rights make a wrong? I can't know. And I will not wax philosophical on a coffee stain. My brain doesn't have room for that.

*Stepped on a crack in the sidewalk in my cute little heels (that go SO well with my cute little skirt). And then tripped up the stairs to my office. I'm barely in one piece. Nothing broken, but it could have been catastrophic. It certainly didn't earn me any credits for grace. I hope no one saw my ass.

*Tried to reason with Satan. I don't believe in such a being, but if he exists, he's in my proximity for several hours a day. I just nod and smile and remember to not feed him cookies (ever again).

Random shit my friends say to entertain me:

joey says: 'you and your uncanny ability to end a conversation short and abrupt'

ali says: 'Jean-Luc: Perhaps we can have a peaceful negotiation, and learn to live in the same galaxy. Kirk: Fire'

pete says: 'something strange is afoot at the circle k'

alliene says: 'plus: woot'

chris e says: 'and by the way, "American Gods" - when the fuck did you cross the bridge from normal to SuperGeek?'

sasha says: 'when I got home at lunch she (guelita, her grandmother) had all the drawers out of my dresser emptied on the bed and she was sorting my underwear into sinful and not sinful piles. and people wonder why I don't have a vibrator.' (i love you sashita!!!)