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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Coming to a Holiday gift near you...

So I'm about half way done with the holiday knitting, considering that there isn't very much to do.

I'm working on Trellis from for my one year old neice. It's about that pastel green color too, in a very soft 100% cotton that I love working with. The work is pretty easy, once I increased the size of the chart so I could read it. When I do sit down to work on it, I try to do a few rows at a time so I can see some progress. Ok honestly though, probably closer to about 25% done on this one...about two repeats into the back section, which yes, is the FIRST section. I know I know, stop gaming, and start knitting or that little girl is gonna freeze!

I will, on maybe a long weekend or something. Oh Thanksgiving is coming...plenty of time!! Tralala.

And then there's My So Called Scarf . For my mom.Or myself...I'll decide when I'm done! I got the same gorgeous colors of Manos del Uraguay as mentioned in the pattern quite by accident. My sweet hubby picked up the skein at the yarn store and went "ooooh this one!!!", so I bought two and got started. Novice me did not know that with hand dyed yarn you should knit two rows from each ball to keep things even. *sigh* No way I'm ripping that thing out now! It really is beautiful, even if one side is a shade darker than the other!

And then there is dear sock attempt #1. He is now swimming in the frog pond, and my lovely Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Juniper is back in a nice ball begging to be used on a better first sock pattern. Or a better brain, whichever comes first. Dibs on the pattern.

I really do want to try a sock. Really. But damn, that first attempt just wasn't even fun. Until I got to the heel. Now that was cool. And then it was over. Again, I need a good pattern or to learn not to read from two patterns at once. *lightbulb*

OH! And like any good blogger, I will have pictures up soon :) And technically, this site is very much under construction. Look for a new banner and links this weekend!