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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And so it begins...

Hmm. This blog is about so many things. I can't promise to be witty and I can't promise to post every day. This is as much a place for me to keep up with myself, as it is for others to keep up with me.

Some of the topics covered here will be:

1. knitting (should I ever really finish anything good)
2. figure competitions (should I ever get to the stage, damn it - shooting for March/April 2006)
3. writing (I did major in journalism...I think)
4. and whatever else I think of on any given day.

Today, I'm a little flustered and feeling the need to write.

But I'm not going to. I'm funky like that. Sometimes it's better to stew in that flusteredness (a word? it is now!) and really create something profound rather than just toss it up and out there. Words are funny that way.

Sometimes the unedited sounds delicious. Sometimes it's just junk. Today it would have been. And a bit too detailed for a few folks to handle, hence this edit.

And that's enough from this little southern belle. If you could call me that. Southern, yes, but only because I still have an accent...sort of. Belle, well, not so much really.

Southern bitch is more like it. But that's a band. A band that rocks.