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Thursday, February 22, 2007

agony and ivory

today has been vicious.

first, a rise-and-shine appointment with the evil tooth drill and it's maniacal master. i really hate a dental appointment, even just a cleaning. i have a wonderfully sweet dentist who runs his own dental 'spa', and still...keep the damn drills out of my mouth please. i can get a massage all day long, but turning on the drill is just going to ruin the effect. the soothing parts really are great though. i got to listen to my ipod, and snuggle under a blanket with a warm neck pillow while they poked and prodded. but i was there for four hours. FOUR simultaneous hours. almost upside down in an uncomfortable chair. agony. all to get a temporary crown and a tmj appliance. makes it sound like i'm walking around with a fridge in my mouth. luckily it's only mini fridge sized. and i only have to wear it at night, which i think i'll start tomorrow. today i'm too sore and bruised. i have a little mouth, and it only enjoys being stretched for specific, pleasurable reasons. dentistry is not on that short list. but cake is.

then i had to go to work. all drugged up and calling microwaves 'microsoft'. hey, they start with the same five letters, sue me.

then it was on to class, where i further made an ass of myself. i prefaced by saying 'i might be a tad out of it, but....'. maybe no one noticed the slurred speech and glassy eyes. i'm sure what i said was poignant and meaningful and....ah who am i kidding.

on a less stressful note, i am working on two super secret knitting projects!! so exciting!

ok, only one is really secret. pete and i were discussing the other project, and when i wanted details he photoshopped a design (cause he's super cool):

me: one insignia? text all the way around?
pete: hmm....yes. did you enlarge the pic? i even gave it a knitted texture.
me: i can tell
pete: you're not even remotely phased that i drew up what i wanted
me: it looks awesome, but i wasnt too surprised, you're a visual kinda guy
pete: i had to make sure it was manly and case you got any flowery and kitteny ideas
me: who? me? never
pete: yes you, i had no idea if Brielle (one of my old insane gaming characters) would take over during the knitting process
me: i personally detest flowers and kittens and butterflies too
pete: look at your sig, asshead
me: i made no mention of bunnies

any guesses?